The adze is a vampiric creature from Ewe folklore in Togo,Ghana and Benin. It is described as taking the form of an immortal firefly, However, when captured it transforms into a humanoid form where it has the power to possess humans.

ADZE Creature

Physical characteristics

The Adze is often depicted as a small, fiery insect or a firefly, but its true form is believed to be human.

In its insect form, it emits a glowing light, which adds an eerie and otherworldly aspect to its appearance. When transformed into a human, the Adze is indistinguishable from ordinary people, allowing it to move freely within communities.


The origins of the Adze’s legend can be traced to the Ewe people of Ghana, Togo, and Benin. The term “Adze” is derived from the Ewe language and refers to a creature with supernatural abilities.

The Adze craves innocent blood, primarily that of children, particularly infants. While it can subsist on palm oil and coconut water, its vitality hinges on consuming children’s blood. Extended deprivation leads to a frenzy for blood, often triggering a deadly disease in its victims. The Adze can possess humans to become living vampires, with the ability to change shape. Once captured, it reverts to human form, losing its powers.

ADZE - Powers of Sorcery

powers and abilities

The Adze’s thirst for blood is said to grant it powers of sorcery and dark magic.

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