Chipfalamfula, known as the “River-Shutter,” is a colossal aquatic entity rooted within Ronga Bantu narratives and the intricate watercourses of Mozambique, with a prominent presence in the Delagoa Bay. Being either a whale or rather a colossal catfish.

Chipfalamfula Creatures

Physical characteristics

The Chipfalamfula is often depicted as a colossal catfish, its body snaking through the dark waters of Delagoa Bay.

While its exact features vary among accounts, it is commonly described as having smooth, glistening scales that shimmer in the sunlight. Its eyes, often said to be large and luminous, reflect the depths of the lake in which it resides.


The origins of the Chipfalamfula’s legend are deeply rooted in the traditions and beliefs of the peoples surrounding Delagoa Bay. The term “Chipfalamfula” is believed to be derived from the Tonga language, spoken by various ethnic groups in the region.

Chipfalamfula Creatures

powers and abilities

Tales describe the creature as a guardian of the bay, embodying the spirit and vitality of the water itself. Its role extends beyond the physical realm, as it is often associated with rainmaking and the abundance of aquatic resources.

It is believed that the Chipfalamfula can become displeased or angered if the lake’s resources are exploited or if its waters are polluted.

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