Empusa is often described as a shape-shifting, demonic or supernatural entity associated with seduction and deception.
Empusa was believed to have the ability to change its appearance, often taking on the form of a beautiful woman to lure and deceive unsuspecting individuals. Empusa was notorious for using its beauty and charm to seduce and deceive mortals. It would attract individuals with the intention of causing harm or terror.

Eerie depiction of Empusa, a shape-shifting demoness, in Greek mythology.

Physical characteristics

Shape-shifting Ability: Empusa is known for its ability to change its form. While it can take on various appearances, it often assumes the guise of a beautiful woman to seduce and deceive mortals.

Animalistic Traits: Some accounts depict Empusa as having certain animalistic features, such as bronze or brass legs. In some versions, it may have the leg of a donkey or other beastly characteristics.


Empusa is sometimes described as the daughter of Hecate, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, and the night. Hecate was a powerful and enigmatic figure in Greek mythology, and her association with Empusa may explain the creature’s supernatural and nocturnal characteristics.

In some myths, Empusa is considered a servant or companion of Hecate

References to Empusa can be found in various ancient Greek texts, including works by authors such as Aristophanes and Philostratus.

empusa mythical creature

powers and abilities

Shape-shifting: Empusa possesses the ability to change its form, often transforming into a beautiful woman to allure and deceive mortals.

Vampiric Nature: In certain versions of the myth, Empusa is depicted as a bloodsucker. It may feed on the blood of its victims.

Connection to Hecate: As a companion or servant of Hecate, Empusa may have additional powers or responsibilities associated with serving the goddess of magic, witchcraft, and the night. This connection could imply access to magical abilities or involvement in mystical tasks.

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