The Telekhines are mythical creatures from ancient Greek mythology, often associated with the sea and depicted as having both human and marine animal features. The Telekhines were believed to be the offspring of Pontus (the sea) and Gaia (the Earth), making them siblings of other sea deities and creatures in Greek mythology. The Telekhines were typically depicted as humanoid creatures with the heads of dogs or other marine animals. They were known for their webbed hands and feet, resembling the characteristics of seals or sea lions.

Artistic representation of Telekhines, ancient smiths with aquatic features.

Physical characteristics

Humanoid Form: The Telekhines are generally described as humanoid beings, having a basic human-like shape.

Animal Heads: One of the notable features is their heads, which are often portrayed as resembling those of marine animals.

Webbed Hands and Feet: The Telekhines are often described as having webbed hands and feet, emphasizing their connection to the sea.

Transformation: In some myths, the Telekhines undergo a transformation or punishment. They may be transformed into sea monsters or demonic entities.


The Telekhines were considered the offspring of Pontus, the personification of the sea, and Gaia, the Earth.

As children of Pontus and Gaia, the Telekhines were siblings to various sea deities and mythological beings.

The Telekhines’ close connection to the sea is reflected in their physical characteristics and behaviors. They were often associated with the island of Rhodes and engaged in activities related to the sea.

Artistic representation of Telekhines

powers and abilities

Artistic Proficiency: The Telekhines were known for their exceptional artistic abilities, particularly in the fields of metallurgy and craftsmanship. They were credited with creating intricate and valuable items, and some myths attribute the crafting of Poseidon’s trident to them.

Temple Builders: According to certain traditions, the Telekhines built a temple dedicated to the goddess Hecate.

Connection to the Sea: As beings associated with the sea, the Telekhines likely possessed an affinity for aquatic environments.

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