In Irish folklore, a banshee is a female spirit or fairy who is said to wail or shriek loudly to warn of an impending death. The word “banshee” comes from the Irish bean sidhe, meaning “woman of the fairy mound.”

The banshee’s eerie wail is said to be heard at night near the homes of those who are about to die. The wailing can be soft and mournful or loud and piercing, depending on the proximity of the death.

The belief in banshees is still prevalent in parts of Ireland and Scotland, and some families claim to have their own personal banshee who warns of impending deaths within the family.

Mythological Creatures Banshee

Physical characteristics

Long hair: The banshee is often depicted as having long, flowing hair that she combs with a silver comb.

White or gray clothing: The banshee is usually described as wearing a long, flowing gown or a hooded cloak that is either white or gray in color.

Red eyes: Some legends say that the banshee has red eyes, which are said to be a sign of her otherworldly nature.

Withered or old appearance: In some stories, the banshee is depicted as an old hag or a withered woman, with wrinkles and a crooked nose.

Shrieking or wailing: The banshee’s most famous characteristic is her piercing shriek or wail, which is said to be a warning of an impending death.


The origins of the banshee are rooted in Irish folklore and mythology, and the exact origin of the legend is unclear. There are many different versions and interpretations.

One theory suggests that the banshee may have originated from the old Celtic belief in a goddess known as the Morrigan. The Morrigan was a goddess of war and death who could take the form of a crow or a raven and was associated with fate and prophecy.

Another theory is that the banshee may have been inspired by the belief in ancestral spirits or ghosts. In Irish folklore, it was believed that the spirits of the dead could return to earth and interact with the living, and the banshee may have been seen as a kind of spirit messenger or guide.

Over time, the legend of the banshee became intertwined with the Christian belief in death and the afterlife, and the banshee was often seen as a kind of angel or supernatural being that warned of impending death or disaster.

Mythological Creatures Banshee

powers and abilities

The ability to predict death: The banshee is said to have the power to sense when someone is about to die, and her wailing or shrieking is often seen as a warning of impending death.

The power of foresight: In some legends, the banshee is believed to have the power of foresight, allowing her to see into the future and predict important events.

The ability to appear and disappear at will: The banshee is often described as being able to appear and disappear at will, making her a mysterious and elusive figure.

The power to induce fear: The banshee’s eerie wailing and supernatural nature are said to instill fear in those who hear her, making her a powerful symbol of death and the afterlife.

The ability to curse: In some stories, the banshee is believed to have the power to curse those who have wronged her or her family, bringing misfortune or death upon them.

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