Dearg Due

The Dearg Due, also known as the Dearg-Dul or the Red Bloodsucker, is a mythical creature from Irish folklore. It is often depicted as a female vampire or a vengeful spirit associated with seduction and blood-drinking. The Dearg Due is primarily known for its vampiric tendencies. It is said to rise from the grave to drink the blood of the living, often from unsuspecting lovers or victims who are lured by its beauty.

Dearg Due, Ireland's legendary vampire

Physical characteristics

Beautiful Woman: The Dearg Due is typically described as a stunningly beautiful woman. Her physical appearance is alluring and captivating, intended to draw in unsuspecting victims.

Red Hair: The Dearg Due is sometimes described as having long, flowing red hair.

Pale Skin: Like many vampiric creatures in folklore, the Dearg Due may be portrayed with pale or even deathly white skin.

Ethereal Presence: The Dearg Due may be described as having an ethereal or ghostly presence, especially when rising from the grave.

Hypnotic Eyes: The Dearg Due is said to possess eyes that can mesmerize and hypnotize those who gaze into them.

Vampiric Fangs: While not always explicitly mentioned, some depictions may include the presence of fangs.


One of the most famous tales about the Dearg-due centers around a beautiful woman who is forced into an unwanted marriage with a cruel man. After dying, either by suicide or at the hands of her husband depending on the version of the story, she is buried in a small churchyard near Strongbow’s Tree in Waterford. The legend says that she rises from her grave to seek revenge by draining the life from her oppressors and sometimes other unwary individuals.

To prevent the Dearg-due from rising, locals supposedly would pile stones over her grave or perform other rituals. Despite these efforts, it’s said that she still manages to return from the dead, especially on certain nights of the year, to enact her vengeance

Illustration of the Dearg Due, showing fangs

powers and abilities

Seduction: The Dearg Due is renowned for its ability to seduce and enchant victims with its beauty and allure.

Hypnotic Gaze: The creature is said to possess a gaze that can mesmerize and hypnotize those who look into its eyes.

Vampiric Feeding: As a vampiric entity, the Dearg Due is believed to feed on the blood of the living.

Control Over Victims: The Dearg Due is believed to have the power to control and influence those who fall under her spell. This control extends beyond mere attraction, allowing her to manipulate victims to fulfill her vampiric desires.

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