Far Darrig

The Far Darrig is a mythical creature in Irish folklore. Also known as the Fear Dearg or Red Man, it is considered a mischievous fairy or leprechaun-like being. The Far Darrig is often depicted as a small, red-haired man dressed in red clothing, and he is known for playing pranks on humans.

Unlike the leprechaun, who is associated with wealth and is often depicted as a shoemaker, the Far Darrig is more focused on causing trouble for its own amusement. It is said to enjoy playing tricks on people, such as leading them astray, stealing their belongings, or creating general mischief.

In some stories, the Far Darrig is also believed to have a darker side, punishing those who have wronged or offended the fairies. Despite its mischievous nature, it is generally not considered to be malevolent, but rather a capricious and unpredictable character in Irish folklore.

Artistic rendition of a Far Darrig, dressed in red, plotting mischief

Physical characteristics

Size: The Far Darrig is often depicted as a small, diminutive being, similar to other fairies and leprechauns in Irish mythology.

Red Hair and Clothing: The Far Darrig is typically characterized by red hair and is often portrayed wearing red clothing.

Mischief-Making Appearance: Its appearance is often mischievous and impish, reflecting its penchant for playing tricks on humans.

Facial Features: While the details may vary, the Far Darrig is commonly described as having a mischievous or sly expression on its face.

Pointed Ears: The Far Darrig is sometimes depicted with pointed ears.

Cap or Hat: Similar to leprechauns, the Far Darrig may be portrayed wearing a cap or hat.


The stories of the Far Darrig a solitary fairy from Hiberno-English oral tradition have been passed down to different regions and communities contributing to the variations in its depiction. Over time, these stories have become intertwined with the cultural identity of the Irish people.

Far Darrig, the trickster of the night, lurking in the shadows.

powers and abilities

Shape-Shifting: The Far Darrig is sometimes believed to have the ability to change its appearance, allowing it to go unnoticed or deceive those who encounter it.

Invisibility: Similar to other fairy creatures, the Far Darrig is said to have the power to become invisible.

Illusions: The Far Darrig may possess the ability to create illusions or mirages.

Mischief-Making: The primary ability associated with the Far Darrig is its mischievous nature. It is known for playing pranks, stealing belongings, and causing general confusion and chaos for its own amusement.

Magical Cap or Hat: In some stories, the Far Darrig is said to wear a magical cap or hat that grants it additional powers. The cap might be used for hiding or enhancing its magical abilities.

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