The Jorogumo is a mythical creature from Japanese folklore, and its name translates to “binding bride” or “entangling bride.” It is often depicted as a monstrous spider that has the ability to transform into a beautiful woman to lure and deceive unsuspecting victims. The Jorogumo is associated with dark and supernatural tales, and it has been a subject of various stories, legends, and artwork throughout Japanese history.

Artistic depiction of a Jorogumo in her half-spider, half-woman form


Multiple Eyes: In its spider form, the Jorogumo is often depicted with multiple eyes, a common feature of spiders in mythology and folklore.

Beautiful Appearance: When in its human form, the Jorogumo is described as exceptionally beautiful, with charms that can be irresistible to those who encounter it.

Malevolent Aura: Despite its captivating appearance, the Jorogumo is generally associated with malevolent intentions. It may use its alluring form to trick and harm humans, emphasizing the danger of being deceived by external appearances.


The exact origin of the Jorogumo legend is difficult to trace, as folktales and myths often evolve over time and are transmitted orally before being recorded in written form.

The Jorogumo specifically belongs to the category of yōkai known as “tsukumo-gami,” which refers to objects or creatures that have gained supernatural qualities after reaching a certain age. In the case of the Jorogumo, it is a spider that transforms into a woman.

Jorogumo weaving her intricate web, a blend of beauty and danger


Spider Transformation: The Jorogumo is known for its ability to transform between two forms: a giant spider and a beautiful woman.

Illusions and Weaving: As a spider, the Jorogumo is often associated with the ability to create intricate webs and illusions. These webs may serve to trap prey or create illusions to confuse and disorient those who encounter the creature.

Shape-Shifting: In addition to transforming between spider and human forms, some stories suggest that the Jorogumo has the ability to change its appearance.

Vengeful Nature: In some versions of the legend, the Jorogumo is driven by a desire for revenge or has a grudge against humans. This vengeful aspect adds depth to the creature’s motivations and actions.

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