The Shōjō is a mythical creature from Japanese folklore, often depicted as a sea spirit or a type of water-dwelling supernatural being. Shōjō are associated with sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine, and are known for their love of drinking and celebrations. These creatures are typically portrayed with distinct physical characteristics and behaviors.

Illustration of a Shōjō, joyfully drinking sake, with the ocean behind.


Red Face: One of the most defining features of the Shōjō is its red face. This reddish complexion is a result of the creature’s love for sake and excessive drinking. The more sake a Shōjō consumes, the more vibrant and flushed its face becomes.

Red Hair: In addition to the red face, Shōjō are often described as having long, flowing red hair.

Sea-Dwelling Appearance: Shōjō are believed to be water-dwelling creatures, and their association with coastal areas and the sea is reflected in their physical depiction. Their appearance may include aquatic or marine elements, emphasizing their connection to bodies of water.

Elegance and Beauty: Despite their penchant for revelry and sake, Shōjō are often portrayed as elegant and beautiful beings.


The Shōjō’s appearance and characteristics may also draw inspiration from other Asian myths and legends, as there are similar creatures in Chinese and Korean folklore associated with the sea and alcohol.

While the precise origin of the Shōjō remains elusive due to the nature of oral traditions and the evolution of folklore, its enduring presence in Japanese culture reflects its importance as a symbol of celebration.

Shōjō celebrating by the seaside,


Sake Consumption: The Shōjō is renowned for its love of sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine. While not a supernatural power per se, the creature’s ability to consume large quantities of sake is a defining feature. The more sake it drinks, the more vibrant its red face becomes.

Musical Talent: In some stories, the Shōjō is depicted as having musical abilities. It may play instruments such as the flute or sing enchantingly.

Celebratory Presence: The Shōjō is often associated with celebrations and festivities. Its presence is believed to bring a sense of joy and merriment to those around it.

Enchanting Aura: While not explicitly described as having magical powers, the Shōjō’s enchanting presence is often emphasized.

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