The Hidebehind is a mythical creature from North American folklore, particularly in the lumberjack traditions of the United States and Canada. The creature is known for its elusive nature and ability to hide behind objects, making it nearly impossible to be directly observed. It is said to always stay hidden, lurking just out of sight behind any object or creature, including humans.

Illustration of the Hidebehind, barely visible between the trees.

Physical characteristics

Size: The size of the Hidebehind is often described as medium to large, depending on the source.

Appearance: The specific appearance of the Hidebehind varies, but it is commonly depicted as having a dark and shadowy form. In some accounts, it is described as a bear-like creature, while in others, it may have a more undefined or spectral appearance.

Limbs and Movement: While the number of limbs and the way the Hidebehind moves can differ, it is often portrayed as a quadruped, moving on all fours.

Eyes and Gaze: Some accounts mention the eyes of the Hidebehind, suggesting that they may be piercing or glowing.


The origin of the Hidebehind legend is somewhat obscure, as it has roots in the oral traditions of North American folklore. The creature’s existence was primarily passed down through stories and accounts shared among early settlers, loggers, and indigenous peoples who inhabited the dense forests of regions such as the United States and Canada.

The shadowy presence of a Hidebehind, always just out of sight

powers and abilities

Invisibility: The Hidebehind is said to have the ability to make itself invisible, allowing it to hide behind objects, trees, and even shadows with remarkable proficiency.

Shape-shifting: Some versions of the Hidebehind legend suggest that the creature has the ability to change its form, allowing it to adapt to different environments and confuse its pursuers.

Stealth and Agility: The Hidebehind is described as being incredibly stealthy and agile, capable of moving swiftly and silently through the dense forest undergrowth.

Predatory Instincts: As a predator, the Hidebehind possesses keen instincts for hunting and stalking prey. It is said to target unsuspecting travelers and lone individuals who wander too far into the wilderness, dragging them away to its lair to consume them.

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