The Loveland Frogman, also known simply as the Loveland Frog, is a cryptid or legendary creature reported to inhabit the area around Loveland, Ohio, in the United States. The legend of the Loveland Frogman gained attention in the 1970s and has persisted as a subject of urban legend and folklore.

The mysterious Loveland Frogman, caught in a moment of contemplation

Physical characteristics

Height: Witnesses have described the Loveland Frogman as standing roughly 3 to 4 feet tall, though exact measurements may vary depending on the sighting.

Appearance: The creature is often depicted as having a humanoid body with a frog-like head and features. Its skin is described as being leathery or scaly in texture.

Hands and Feet: Witnesses have reported that the creature’s hands and feet are webbed, resembling those of a frog.

Coloration: The color of the Loveland Frogman’s skin is often described as green or gray, reminiscent of a frog or reptile.

Posture and Movement: Reports indicate that the creature moves in a bipedal fashion, standing upright on two legs.


The legend of the Loveland Frogman originated in Loveland, Ohio, in the United States, primarily in the 1970s. The exact origins of the legend are not entirely clear, but it gained widespread attention following reported sightings and encounters with the creature in the area.

The most famous encounter with the Loveland Frogman allegedly occurred in 1972 when a local police officer claimed to have encountered the creature while on patrol near the Little Miami River. According to the officer’s account, he saw three bipedal, frog-like creatures near a bridge. One of the creatures purportedly held a metallic rod that emitted sparks. The officer fired at the creatures in self-defense, and one of them was struck before they all fled.

Following this incident, there were additional reports of sightings and encounters with the Loveland Frogman in the surrounding area. These accounts typically described a humanoid or frog-like creature with webbed hands and feet, leathery skin, and large, bulbous eyes.

Artwork of the Loveland Frogman, standing by a road

powers and abilities

Bipedal Movement: Witnesses describe the Loveland Frogman as moving in a bipedal fashion, standing upright on two legs like a human.

Agility and Elusiveness: Reports suggest that the Loveland Frogman is agile and elusive, capable of quickly evading detection and disappearing into its surroundings.

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