Old yellow top

Old Yellow Top” is a legendary creature that is said to inhabit the forests of British Columbia, Canada. Descriptions of Old Yellow Top vary, but it is often depicted as a large, ape-like creature with shaggy yellow fur covering its body. Similar to other cryptids like Bigfoot or Sasquatch, Old Yellow Top is rumored to be reclusive and elusive, with sightings typically occurring at a distance or in dim lighting conditions.

Image of Old Yellow Top, a shadowy figure with a hint of gold

Physical characteristics

Large Size: Old Yellow Top is typically described as being very large, often towering over humans. Its exact height varies in reports, but it is usually depicted as being significantly taller and bulkier than an average person.

Yellow Fur: As its name suggests, Old Yellow Top is said to have shaggy yellow fur covering its body. The fur may vary in shade, ranging from a pale yellow to a deeper golden hue.

Ape-like Appearance: Many descriptions liken Old Yellow Top to an ape or large primate.

Red or Glowing Eyes: Some accounts mention that Old Yellow Top has eyes that appear to glow in the dark or emit a reddish glow, adding to its eerie and mysterious aura.

Strong Odor: Like other cryptids such as Sasquatch, Old Yellow Top is often associated with a strong, foul odor described as a combination of musk, rot, and decay.



The origin of the Old Yellow Top legend is somewhat unclear, as it is deeply rooted in the folklore and oral traditions of the indigenous peoples of British Columbia, Canada. The creature’s name and the stories surrounding it have been passed down through generations among various First Nations communities in the region.

In some encounters, witnesses claim to have found large, distinctive footprints attributed to Old Yellow Top. These prints are often said to be humanoid in shape but much larger than those of a typical human.

Old Yellow Top, a rare glimpse of the elusive creature, blending into the wilderness.

powers and abilities

Stealth and Elusiveness: Old Yellow Top is often described as being incredibly elusive, with the ability to move swiftly and quietly through the dense forests of British Columbia.

Superhuman Strength: Old Yellow Top is often said to possess immense physical strength. It is capable of bending trees, lifting heavy objects, and overpowering prey or potential threats.

Enhanced Senses: Old Yellow Top is sometimes credited with heightened senses, including acute hearing, smell, and night vision.

Telepathy or Mind Control: In some accounts, Old Yellow Top is believed to possess psychic abilities, such as telepathy or mind control.

Shape-shifting: In certain versions of the legend, Old Yellow Top is said to have the ability to change its appearance or shape at will.

Weather Manipulation: Some folklore suggests that Old Yellow Top has control over the weather, able to summon storms or create atmospheric disturbances.

Longevity or Immortality: Old Yellow Top is sometimes portrayed as being exceptionally long-lived or even immortal.

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