The Teihiihan is a mythical creature from Native American folklore, particularly among the Ojibwe people. Also known as the “Star People,” Teihiihan are said to be powerful beings that reside in the night sky. They are often associated with the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, and are believed to be spirits that can communicate with humans.

Artwork of a Teihiihan, a formidable warrior despite its size

Physical characteristics

In traditional Ojibwe folklore, the Teihiihan or Star People are depicted more as celestial beings or spirits rather than physical creatures in the way we might think of animals or humans. However, descriptions of their physical characteristics or manifestations in stories and legends often vary.

In some accounts, the Teihiihan are described as radiant beings, glowing with the colors of the Northern Lights. They may appear as shimmering lights or dancing flames against the night sky, reflecting the colors of the aurora.

Other interpretations suggest that the Teihiihan can take on forms resembling animals or humans when they choose to interact with people on Earth. These forms might be fantastical or otherworldly, embodying the mystery and magic associated with celestial beings.


The origin of the Teihiihan, or Star People, lies deeply embedded in the mythology and oral traditions of the Ojibwe people and other Native American tribes, particularly those from the Northern regions of North America where the phenomenon of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is visible.

The Teihiihan are believed to have originated as spiritual beings or celestial entities associated with the natural phenomena observed in the night sky, particularly the colorful displays of the Aurora Borealis. In Ojibwe cosmology, the Northern Lights are often considered a manifestation of the spirits of ancestors or supernatural beings dancing or communicating with the living.

The stories and beliefs surrounding the Teihiihan have been passed down through generations via oral tradition, with each telling adding layers of meaning and symbolism to their origin and significance. They are regarded as messengers from the spirit world, offering guidance, protection, and wisdom to those who seek their counsel.

illustration of a Teihiihan,

powers and abilities

Communication with Humans: The Teihiihan are believed to possess the ability to communicate with humans, often serving as messengers between the spirit world and the earthly realm.

Guidance and Wisdom: They are regarded as sources of guidance and wisdom, offering insights into spiritual matters, cultural traditions, and the natural world.

Protection: The Teihiihan are considered protectors of the land and its inhabitants.

Shapeshifting: In some legends, the Teihiihan are said to have the ability to shapeshift, appearing in various forms including animals or celestial bodies such as stars or lights in the sky.

Connection to the Northern Lights: The Teihiihan are closely associated with the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). It is believed that their movements and dances in the night sky are responsible for the colorful displays of light.

Spiritual Healing: They are sometimes invoked in healing ceremonies and rituals, believed to possess the power to bring spiritual healing and balance to individuals and communities.

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