The Huldrefolket, often referred to as “Hidden People” or “Hidden Folk” in English, is a mythical creature from Scandinavian folklore, particularly in Norwegian and Icelandic traditions. They are believed to be supernatural beings who live in the mountains, forests, and remote areas of the natural landscape.The Huldrefolket are described as beautiful and enchanting beings, often resembling humans. In some accounts, they are depicted with tails or backsides that appear hollow or animal-like when viewed from behind.

The Huldrefolket, guardians of the unseen world, in harmony with the forest

Physical characteristics

Beauty: Huldrefolket are often described as exceptionally beautiful or handsome beings, with features that are captivating and alluring to humans.

Ethereal Appearance: They possess an otherworldly and ethereal quality, often appearing radiant or glowing, especially in certain lighting conditions or environments.

Human-Like: While Huldrefolket generally resemble humans, they may have subtle differences that set them apart. These differences can include slightly elongated ears, tails, or backward-facing feet.

Agelessness: Huldrefolket are often portrayed as ageless beings who do not age like humans. They may appear eternally youthful or maintain a timeless quality.


Before the advent of Christianity in Scandinavia, the Norse people held a rich tapestry of beliefs that included a pantheon of gods, spirits, and supernatural beings. Norse mythology featured various entities associated with nature, including elves, dwarves, giants, and other mythical creatures.

The Huldrefolket likely emerged from a blending of these pre-Christian beliefs with later folk traditions. As Christianity spread throughout Scandinavia, many pagan beliefs and mythological figures were incorporated or adapted into Christian narratives. Some scholars suggest that the Huldrefolket may have originated as nature spirits or ancestral spirits associated with specific places in the landscape.

Image of Huldrefolket, in a hidden valley

powers and abilities

Illusion and Glamour: Huldrefolket are known for their ability to cast illusions and create glamour, which can make them appear more beautiful or enchanting than they truly are.

Shape-shifting: Some stories suggest that Huldrefolket have the ability to shape-shift, allowing them to change their appearance at will. They may take on the form of animals, other creatures, or even humans.

Invisibility: Huldrefolket are said to possess the power of invisibility, allowing them to move about unseen and undetected by humans.

Longevity: Huldrefolket are said to possess long lifespans or even immortality.

Teleportation: Some stories describe Huldrefolket as being able to teleport or move quickly from one place to another, allowing them to traverse vast distances in an instant.

Mind Control: Huldrefolket are believed to have the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of humans, bending them to their will.

Healing and Protection: In some accounts, Huldrefolket are said to possess healing abilities and may offer protection to those they favor.

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