Mylingen is a mythical creature from Scandinavian folklore, specifically from Swedish and Norwegian traditions. The word “myling” or “mylingar” in Swedish and Norwegian folklore refers to the spirits of unbaptized or abandoned children who were left to die in the wilderness.

The belief was that if a child died before being baptized or if they were abandoned and left to perish, their spirits would become restless and haunt the areas where they met their demise. These spirits were said to manifest as crying or wailing sounds in the night, trying to lure unsuspecting travelers or passerby into the wilderness, often to share their story or to seek retribution for their unfortunate fate.

Artwork of Mylingen, a spectral child, its cries echoing through the night

Physical characteristics

Childlike Appearance: Mylings are often described as appearing like children or infants. They may have the appearance of ghostly or ethereal children, sometimes with features that are distorted or unsettling.

Pale or Ghostly: They are typically depicted as having a pale or ghostly appearance.

Emaciated or Desolate: Mylings are often described as looking emaciated or desolate, reflecting the circumstances of their tragic deaths. They may appear as malnourished or frail figures.

Tattered Clothing: In some accounts, Mylings are said to wear tattered or ragged clothing, symbolizing their abandonment or neglect.

Transparent or Translucent: Mylings are often described as semi-transparent or translucent.


The concept of Mylings is closely tied to the harsh realities of life in ancient Scandinavia, where infant mortality rates were high, and children who were abandoned or died before being baptized were not uncommon. In these societies, baptism was considered crucial for ensuring a child’s soul could enter heaven, and the failure to baptize a child was a matter of great concern.

When children died under such circumstances, it was believed that their souls could become restless and wander the earth, unable to find peace.

Mylingen, a sorrowful spirit, wandering the earthbound realm

powers and abilities

In Scandinavian folklore, Mylings are not typically described as having specific powers or abilities in the sense of supernatural abilities like those of witches or wizards. Instead, their presence and actions are more closely associated with their haunting nature and their desire to seek resolution for their untimely deaths.

Haunting and Luring: Mylings are believed to haunt the places where they met their demise, seeking solace or resolution for their untimely deaths. They may attempt to lure travelers or wanderers into the wilderness, perhaps in a quest for redemption or to share their tragic story.

Retribution: In some accounts, Mylings are portrayed as vengeful spirits, seeking retribution against those who wronged them or failed to provide them with proper care and burial. They may haunt individuals or communities as a form of punishment for their neglect or mistreatment.

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