The Skogsra, also known as Skogsrå or Skogsfru, is a mythical creature from Scandinavian folklore, specifically from Swedish and Norwegian traditions. Skogsra roughly translates to “Forest Woman” or “Lady of the Forest” in English. This creature is often depicted as a seductive and mysterious forest spirit or guardian associated with woodlands and wilderness areas.The Skogsra is often described as a beautiful and alluring woman with long hair, fair skin, and a mesmerizing gaze. However, her back is hollow like that of an old tree or a hollowed-out trunk. This hollow back is her most distinctive feature, often hidden by her hair or clothing.

Skogsra, a mesmerizing figure

Physical characteristics

Humanoid Appearance: The Skogsra is often depicted as a humanoid figure, resembling a young woman with fair skin, long hair, and captivating eyes.

Hollow Back: Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Skogsra is her hollow back, which resembles the inside of a tree trunk. This hollow back is often covered by her hair or garments, and it serves as a sign of her supernatural nature. It is said that if a person were to see her hollow back, they might be struck with terror or lose their sense of direction.

Natural Beauty: The Skogsra is described as incredibly beautiful, with a radiant and alluring presence. Her beauty is often emphasized in folklore as a means of captivating those who encounter her.


The Skogsra likely has roots in ancient Norse mythology, which was rich with stories of supernatural beings and mythical creatures associated with nature and the wilderness. Norse mythology featured a pantheon of gods, goddesses, giants, and other mythical entities, many of which were closely tied to natural elements and landscapes.

llustration of Skogsra

powers and abilities

Seductive Charm: The Skogsra is known for her captivating beauty and seductive allure. She possesses the ability to enchant and mesmerize those who encounter her, often luring them deeper into the forest with her irresistible charm.

Illusions and Glamour: The Skogsra is believed to have the power to cast illusions and create glamour, allowing her to disguise her true form or manipulate the perceptions of others.

Control over Nature: As a guardian of the forest, the Skogsra is closely connected to the natural world and its elements. She is believed to have the ability to communicate with animals, influence the weather, and manipulate the flora and fauna of the forest to serve her purposes.

Shape-shifting: The Skogsra is often depicted as having the ability to shape-shift, allowing her to take on different forms and appearances. She may transform into various animals or assume the guise of a human to interact with travelers and adventurers.

Teleportation and Vanishing: The Skogsra is said to possess the power of teleportation, allowing her to move swiftly and effortlessly through the forest. She may also vanish or disappear from sight, adding to her elusive and mysterious nature.

Voice and Melodies: The Skogsra is known for her enchanting voice, which she uses to sing haunting melodies that echo through the forest.

Protection and Warding: While the Skogsra can be alluring and enchanting, she is also believed to be a guardian of the forest and its inhabitants.

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