The Ceffyl Dŵr is a mythical creature in Welsh folklore, and the name translates to “Water Horse” in English. Similar to other water horse legends found in various cultures, the Ceffyl Dŵr is often associated with bodies of water and is known for its magical and often mischievous nature. The Ceffyl Dŵr is typically described as a horse, and it may appear as an exceptionally beautiful and tempting steed, attracting the attention of unsuspecting travelers.

Ceffyl Dŵr, in its equine grace, a phantom of the Welsh waterways

Physical characteristics

Equine Appearance: The Ceffyl Dŵr typically resembles a horse, with a powerful and majestic presence. It may appear as a beautiful and alluring horse, drawing in unsuspecting travelers with its seemingly benign demeanor.

Wet or Damp Appearance: Given its association with bodies of water, the Ceffyl Dŵr may have a wet or damp appearance, with water dripping from its mane or coat.

Hypnotic or Enchanting Eyes: The Ceffyl Dŵr is often said to have eyes that mesmerize and captivate those who gaze upon them. Its eyes may shine with an otherworldly glow, compelling unsuspecting victims to approach and become entranced by its presence.


The origin of the Ceffyl Dŵr, like many mythical creatures, is deeply rooted in Welsh folklore and oral tradition. It emerged from the rich tapestry of stories and legends passed down through generations in Wales.

Artwork of Ceffyl Dŵr, manifesting in a misty lake

powers and abilities

Shapeshifting: The Ceffyl Dŵr is believed to possess the ability to change its appearance, allowing it to take on different forms to deceive and ensnare its victims. It may appear as a beautiful horse, a captivating maiden, or other enticing figures, depending on the situation and the desires of its intended prey.

Control Over Water: As a creature associated with bodies of water, the Ceffyl Dŵr is sometimes believed to have control over water itself. It may manipulate water currents, summon storms, or create illusions to confuse and disorient its victims, enhancing its ability to capture and consume them.

Seductive Charms: The Ceffyl Dŵr is often described as possessing an irresistible charm and allure that draws in unsuspecting travelers or passersby. Its captivating presence and enchanting voice may entice individuals to approach the water’s edge, where they become vulnerable to its predatory nature.

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