The Eachy is a mythical creature originating from Scottish folklore, particularly in the Highlands. It is said to be a water-dwelling creature resembling an otter or a small, hairy humanoid. Eachy is often described as having webbed hands and feet, which aid it in swimming. Some accounts suggest it has a long tail similar to that of a seal.

Illustration of Eachy with sunglasses

Physical characteristics

Appearance: Eachy is often depicted as a creature resembling an otter or a small humanoid. Its appearance is said to be hairy, with fur covering its body to help it stay warm in the cold waters of Scottish lochs and rivers.

Size: Eachy is typically described as being small in stature, comparable to the size of a child or a large otter.

Webbed Hands and Feet: Eachy is believed to have webbed hands and feet, which aid it in swimming and navigating through water.

Long Tail: Some accounts mention that Eachy possesses a long tail similar to that of a seal.


The Eachy is often associated with lochs and rivers, where it is said to reside in underwater caves or hidden coves. Stories about the Eachy have been passed down through generations in Scottish folklore, adding to the rich tapestry of mythical creatures that populate the region’s legends and stories.

Illustration of Eachy

powers and abilities

Swimming Proficiency: The Eachy is an adept swimmer, thanks to its webbed hands and feet and its association with bodies of water like lochs and rivers. It can move swiftly and gracefully through the water, making it difficult for humans to catch or keep up with.

Shape-shifting or Illusionary Abilities: In some accounts, the Eachy is said to possess the ability to shape-shift or create illusions, allowing it to deceive and trick unsuspecting travelers.

Luring Humans: One of the Eachy’s most well-known abilities is its knack for luring humans, particularly children, into the water. It may use playful gestures or mimic the sounds of loved ones to attract its victims, leading them into potentially dangerous situations.

Drowning Victims: While the Eachy is often depicted as playful and mischievous, it also has a darker side. In some stories, the Eachy is believed to have the power to drown its victims once they are lured into the water, adding an element of danger to its seemingly innocent antics.

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