The Glaistig (or sometimes spelled “Glaistig”) is a mythical creature from Scottish folklore. The term is used to describe a female supernatural being, often depicted as a beautiful woman with the lower body of a goat. The appearance can vary in different accounts, but the Glaistig is generally associated with specific locations like lonely roads, riversides, or abandoned buildings.

Image of a Glaistig, tending to her herd in the Highland twiligh

Physical characteristics

Humanoid Upper Body: The Glaistig is often described as having the upper body of a beautiful woman. She may appear as an attractive young woman, sometimes with long flowing hair and wearing a green or white dress.

Goat Lower Body: One distinctive feature of the Glaistig is her lower body, which is that of a goat.

Veils or Green Clothing: In some accounts, the Glaistig is said to wear a long, flowing green or white gown.

Milk-White Skin: The Glaistig is sometimes described as having pale or milk-white skin, which contrasts with her dark hair and eyes.


The origin of the Glaistig can be traced back to Scottish folklore, where she is considered a part of the rich tradition of supernatural beings and mythical creatures.

In Celtic mythology, the blending of human and animal traits is not uncommon, and hybrid beings like the Glaistig may have been inspired by a variety of cultural influences. .

Glaistig, a figure of myth and mystery, watching over the glen

powers and abilities

Shape-Shifting: In some stories, the Glaistig is believed to have the ability to change her appearance, often appearing as a beautiful young woman to attract and deceive unsuspecting individuals.

Luring and Entrancing: The Glaistig is known for her captivating voice and dance. She may use these talents to lure people, especially men, into dangerous situations or to drain their life force.

Healing Powers: In certain versions of the legend, the Glaistig is portrayed as having the ability to heal or bring good fortune to those who treat her with respect and kindness.

Guardian of Wells: In a more benevolent role, the Glaistig is sometimes considered a guardian spirit of wells or certain locations. She may protect these places and offer blessings to those who show proper respect.

Cursing or Harmful Intent: In darker tales, the Glaistig may harm or even kill those who fall under her influence. This malevolent aspect of the creature is often associated with her draining the life force of her victims.

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