The Redcap is a mythical creature from Scottish folklore, often described as a malevolent and murderous goblin or spirit. The name “Redcap” is derived from the creature’s distinctive appearance, as it is said to stain its hat or cap with the blood of its victims. The Redcap is typically depicted as a small, old man with long, disheveled hair and sharp teeth. It wears iron boots and carries a pike or sickle, along with its namesake red cap.

Artwork of a menacing Redcap, cap dripping crimson, lurking in ruins

Physical characteristics

Size and Form: The Redcap is often portrayed as a small, grotesque, and elderly creature. Despite its diminutive stature, it is considered powerful and dangerous, especially due to its violent tendencies.

Clothing: The Redcap is typically described wearing iron boots, emphasizing its connection to the material. The boots are believed to provide strength and protection, as well as to reflect the creature’s vulnerability to iron.

Red Cap: The defining feature of the Redcap is its namesake red cap, which is said to be stained with the blood of its victims. The cap must be kept moist with fresh blood to maintain its potency. If the cap ever dries out, the Redcap is believed to lose its strength or even die.

Facial Features: The creature is described as having sharp teeth and a malevolent expression. Its face is often wrinkled and weathered, contributing to its aged and sinister appearance.

Weapon: The Redcap is commonly depicted carrying a weapon, such as a pike or sickle, which it uses to attack and kill intruders in its territory.


The Redcap is associated with tales of castles, old ruins, and desolate places, where it is said to lurk and wait for unsuspecting travelers. Its name is derived from the red cap it wears, stained with the blood of its victims, and the creature is known for its violent and aggressive nature.

Like many folklore traditions, the exact origin of the Redcap legend is challenging to pinpoint.

Redcap, a fierce dweller of desolate places, ready to strike

powers and abilities

Violence and Aggression: The Redcap is renowned for its violent tendencies. It is said to lie in wait for unsuspecting travelers or intruders in its territory, attacking them with a weapon, such as a pike or sickle.

Territorial Nature: The Redcap is often associated with specific locations, such as old ruins or castles, where it is said to dwell. Its ability to inhabit and defend its territory contributes to its role as a malevolent guardian of certain sites.

Associated SITES