The Owlman is a mythical creature reported to have been seen in various locations, primarily in Cornwall, England. Similar to other cryptids and mythical beings, the Owlman’s existence is based on eyewitness accounts and folklore rather than scientific evidence. The Owlman is described as a humanoid creature with owl-like features. It reportedly stands about six feet tall, with feathered wings, glowing red eyes, and sharp talons. Its body is often said to be covered in feathers or fur.

Artistic rendering of the Owlman, a spectral figure

Physical characteristics

Humanoid Form: The Owlman is typically described as a humanoid creature, standing approximately six feet tall. Its body structure resembles that of a human, but with owl-like features.

Owl-Like Features: The Owlman’s most prominent feature is its owl-like head, which includes large, glowing red or orange eyes.

Feathers or Fur: Witnesses have reported that the Owlman’s body is covered in either feathers or fur, giving it a distinctly non-human appearance. The texture and color of the feathers or fur can vary in different accounts.

Wings: In some sightings, the Owlman is said to have wings similar to those of an owl, which enable it to fly.

Talons: The Owlman is often described as having sharp talons or claws on its hands and feet.


The origin of the Owlman legend can be traced back to a series of reported sightings near Mawnan Church in Cornwall, England, during the early 1970s. The most famous sighting occurred in April 1976 when two young girls, June and Vicky Melling, claimed to have encountered a large, bird-like creature with glowing eyes while vacationing in the area.

The girls’ account of the encounter gained media attention, and subsequent reports of similar sightings in the vicinity contributed to the formation of the Owlman legend. Witnesses described seeing a creature resembling a humanoid owl, with glowing red or orange eyes and a wingspan of several feet.

While the specific origins of the Owlman legend remain unclear, it is believed to have roots in local folklore and mythology. Cornwall, with its rugged coastline and ancient traditions, has a rich history of tales involving supernatural beings and mysterious creatures.

Some researchers and enthusiasts suggest that the Owlman legend may have been inspired by earlier folklore or sightings of large birds, such as owls or herons, which are common in the region. Others view the Owlman as a modern-day cryptid, similar to other mythical creatures like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.

Image of the Owlman

powers and abilities

Flight: Like owls, the Owlman is often depicted as having the ability to fly. Its large wings enable it to soar through the air with agility and grace, allowing it to navigate the skies and swoop down upon its prey.

Stealth and Camouflage: The Owlman is believed to possess exceptional stealth and camouflage abilities, allowing it to blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

Night Vision: Owls are known for their excellent night vision, and the Owlman is often portrayed as having similar capabilities. Its glowing red or orange eyes are said to pierce through the darkness, allowing it to see clearly in low-light conditions.

Supernatural Powers: In some interpretations, the Owlman is imbued with supernatural powers beyond those of a typical owl or humanoid creature.

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