Werewolves are creatures that are said to change from human form to a human-wolf hybrid form. This change usually occurs during or because of a full moon, but not always.

Transformations from human to werewolf almost always occur when the ‘infected‘ person is struck by the light of the moon.

Some werewolf bites or attacks cause the victim to become one as well.

Silver bullets are one of the few ways to kill these creatures.

Construction Worker Werewolf

Physical characteristics

Their appearance may change depending on who saw them or who is telling the tale, but most werewolves are roughly the same size as the human they transformed from or slightly bigger. They often retain a number of human features as they transform from human to hybrid, giving them a twisted, abnormal appearance. They almost always stand on two legs, as humans do, but on rare occasions run on four.

They are sometimes depicted as drooling with wild or ravenous eyes, and usually have long hair along their arms, legs and face. Werewolves are faster, more athletic and stronger than humans.


No one knows exactly where the legend of the werewolf originated, but people have been telling their tales for many centuries. Stories can be traced as far back as Greek and Norse mythology, and possibly even earlier. In the 1500’s, several people were tried and executed as werewolves.

These creatures have also been referred to aslycanthropesfor many years. The word lycanthrope originates from the Greek mythological story of Zeus turning King Lycaon and his children into wolves. According to legend, Zeus did this because of the evil acts of King Lycaon, which included sacrificing children at the altar of Zeus.

Werewolf Creature

powers and abilities

Superhuman strength: Werewolves are often depicted as being much stronger than humans, with the ability to easily lift heavy objects and overpower opponents.

Enhanced speed and agility: Werewolves are also often depicted as being faster and more agile than humans, with the ability to move quickly and easily navigate difficult terrain.

Heightened senses: Werewolves typically have a heightened sense of smell and hearing, allowing them to detect things that humans cannot.

Regeneration: Some versions of werewolves have the ability to heal quickly from injuries, even those that would be fatal to humans.

Shapeshifting: Werewolves can transform from human to wolf form, usually during a full moon or when they are experiencing strong emotions.

Resistance to injury: Werewolves are often depicted as being highly resistant to physical injury, with the ability to shrug off attacks that would incapacitate or kill humans.

Immortality: Some versions of werewolves are immortal, or at least have a greatly extended lifespan.

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