The kishi emerges as a dual demon within Angolan folklore. As per the tales, the kishi possesses a handsome human visage adorning its frontal form and a hyena’s countenance on its rear. It’s whispered that these creatures exploit their human façade to beguile and ensnare young women, ultimately subjecting them to their hyena aspect’s carnivorous appetite. The hyena face, recognized for its formidable long teeth and relentless grip, boasts jaws so unyielding that once they seize, they are unable to relinquish.

In the guise of a human, the kishi adopts a wife and hastens to impregnate her. Tragically, following childbirth, the kishi abruptly ends her life. Subsequently, it undertakes the responsibility of rearing the dual-headed abomination—a fusion of a human’s and a hyena’s head—within its abode. There, the child matures into a creature with an insatiable craving for flesh, akin to its father’s nature.

Kishi Creature

Physical characteristics

In its human form, the Kishi appears as an ordinary person, often charming and attractive, drawing others close with its allure.

The rear face is usually hidden by long thick hair, and resembles the face of a hyena.

It has long sharp teeth and jaws so strong they cannot be pulled off of anything it bite.


The Kishi is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of Angola, Africa. In particular, accounts of its existence first arise in the mythology, legend and folklore of Angola (among the Kimbundu tribes).

Kishi Creature

powers and abilities

The Kishi has the ability to charm it’s victims.

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