The Nunda, also known as the Mngwa, is a mysterious creature sighted in Tanzania. It was described as a gigantic grey feline the size of a donkey. Evidence of this creature first arose in the early 1900s.

Nunda Mythical Creatures

Physical characteristics

The Mngwa, in terms of its physical aspect, bears a striking resemblance to a sizable feline. Yet, it surpasses the standard dimensions of most cat species, boasting proportions more akin to those of a donkey or a medium-sized horse. Its physique exudes power, characterized by a sturdy, robust build and a notably thick tail. The Mngwa’s coat is adorned in a shade of gray, exhibiting a brindle pattern that echoes the markings of a tabby cat or even a civet. Distinctive spots grace the area near its eyes. While its tracks bear the semblance of leopard prints, their dimensions more closely align with those of lion tracks.

Additionally, the Mngwa might feature a mane reminiscent of a lion’s. This is suggested by the presence of grey tufts of hair observed around or on individuals who claim to have encountered this cryptid creature.


The Mngwa (MING-wah) or Nunda in the Swahili language meaning “the strange one” was first mentioned in a Swahili song from the year 1150.

The beast has been described in detail by many natives, and is said to be distinctly different from lions and leopards.

Nunda Mythical Creatures

powers and abilities

According to legend, the Mngwa is carnivorous and possesses an extremely aggressive nature.

Its primal instinct is to kill and eat. It lives alone, and it usually hunts and kills alone too. They are also extremely difficult to see or find.

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