The Tokoloshe, also referred to as Tikoloshe or Hili, is a diminutive enigmatic creature woven into the fabric of Zulu mythology. This primate-like being finds its place within the regions of South Africa and Lesotho. Said to possess remarkable agility, the Tokoloshe is believed to be capable of vanishing from sight by consuming water or swallowing a stone. It is a creature of both intrigue and mischief, commonly invoked by malevolent individuals to wreak havoc upon others. At its mildest, a Tokoloshe may be harnessed to instill fear in children, yet its influence extends to the realms of inflicting illness or even fatal outcomes upon its victims.

Efforts to rid oneself of this creature might involve a pastor, particularly one endowed with an apostolic calling, who wields the ability to expel it from a particular area. Additionally, the Tokoloshe occupies a realm of superstition and is often invoked satirically, offering a means to triumph over perceived challenges.

Tokoloshe Creature

Physical characteristics

The Tokoloshe is often described as a small, impish gremlin like creature with humanoid features. Its appearance can vary, but it is commonly depicted as a hunched figure with long, bony fingers and sharp claws. The Tokoloshe’s size allows it to hide in the shadows and navigate confined spaces with ease, contributing to its aura of elusiveness and mystery.


The emergence of the elusive Tokoloshe originated from Bantu folklore, providing a rationale for the perplexing phenomenon of individuals perishing unexpectedly while asleep within their rondavels at night. In the traditional setting, these individuals would slumber on the ground, their grass mats enveloping a wood fire that served to ward off the biting cold of highveld winter nights, where the air is rarefied and temperatures plummet. Unbeknownst to them, the fire’s gradual consumption of oxygen resulted in the accumulation of toxic carbon monoxide, contributing to their demise.

To create a tokoloshe the seeker, often consumed by jealousy, seeks recourse through the services of a malevolent witch doctor to exact revenge upon another. In this ominous exchange, the petitioner pledges the soul of a cherished individual, though devoid of the power to dictate the recipient as the Tikoloshe independently determines its choice.

The sorcerer embarks on a quest to identify a lifeless form suitable for possession. This selected body is subjected to the searing touch of a heated iron rod, penetrating its eye sockets and brain, effectively nullifying its independent consciousness. The body is then anointed with a special powder that triggers a gradual diminution of its proportions. The Tikoloshe is subsequently unleashed, a harbinger of dread tasked with tormenting the designated target. It exacts its toll in the form of the pledged soul, extracting payment from the petitioner by claiming the life of their cherished one, be it within weeks, months, or even years.

Tokoloshe Creature

powers and abilities

The Tokoloshe’s most prominent power lies in its ability to cause harm and spread mischief. It is believed to be able to slip into the homes of those it targets, often under the cover of darkness. Once inside, the Tokoloshe is said to cause disruptions, such as knocking over objects, making noise, or even attacking and raping its victims while they sleep.

In some accounts, the Tokoloshe’s malevolent nature extends to more sinister actions, such as casting spells, causing illness, death or even kidnapping children.

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