A “werehyena” is a mythical creature that combines the characteristics of a human and a hyena. Similar to the concept of a werewolf, where a person can transform into a wolf-like creature, a werehyena is a being that can transform between a human form and a hyena form. This creature is often found in various folklore and legends from different cultures, particularly in regions of Africa.

Werehyena Creature

Physical characteristics

The werehyena’s appearance is a blend of human and hyena traits, resulting in a creature that is both eerie and intriguing.

In its human form, it can appear as an ordinary person, often charming and unassuming. However, upon transformation, the werehyena’s features shift, with its body elongating, its limbs becoming more sinewy, and its skin taking on a coarse, fur-like texture.

Its facial structure morphs to mirror that of a hyena, complete with the animal’s distinct jaws and sharp teeth.


In Ethiopia, a longstanding belief persists that every blacksmith, , secretly possesses the ability to transform into a hyena—a wizard or witch-like power.

These blacksmith werehyenas are said to engage in nocturnal grave robbing activities and are referred to as “bouda” (also spelled “buda”). This notion engenders a sense of skepticism from the local populace. The belief in bouda extends to Sudan, Tanzania, and even Morocco, where some Berber communities consider them to be individuals who take on the form of a hyena during the night, only to regain human shape at daybreak.

In the folklore of Western Sudanic peoples, an enigmatic hybrid creature emerges—human by day, transformed into a cannibalistic menace by night, particularly feared by lovers. This being often assumes the guise of a highly skilled healer, blacksmith, or woodcutter during its human form, but reveals itself through distinctive traits such as a hairy body, fiery red eyes, and a distinct nasal voice.

Werehyena Creature

powers and abilities

The primary power of the werehyena lies in its shape-shifting ability. Under the cover of darkness or during specific lunar phases, the creature can shift between its human and hyena forms. This transformation grants it heightened senses, agility, and the power to traverse rugged terrains effortlessly.

Beyond its physical abilities, the werehyena is often attributed with mystical powers. In some cultures, it is believed to possess the ability to cast spells, invoke curses, or manipulate luck.

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